The Opportunity

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For investors

The global, multi-billion fish farming equipment market is expected to grow significantly. Sustainable growth is paramount to secure a healthy source of food and protein. Hitis Forell represents a unique solution and innovative production technology for marine fauna farming, which will gain significant market shares responding to the growing demand of food internationally.

The technical features of our fish farming system enable farming of aquatic organisms in industrial scale while contributing to ecological sustainability. The construction is durable, remotely and digitally controlled, and requires minimal visits to the site and maintenance. We are in a process of acquiring a patent to protect the innovation.

The leading industrial companies are entering the fish farming industry. They are investing heavily in large scale production systems. Sustainability and industrial scale are goals which the leading industrial companies want to achieve. We develop the technological solution and provide management for the aqua culture production process.

Below you will find key Hitis Forell contacts that can help you directly or refer you to another Hitis Forell key person:

CEO Rune Fihlman
Stormnäsintie 97
25940 Hiittinen