The Challenge

Offshore fish production represents likely the only option for feeding the world’s growing and increasingly affluent population. Climate change, pollution and marine littering, habitat destruction, overfishing and poor governance are among the direct and indirect threats.

  • The sustainable fish farming invention relates to a system belonging to the field of the metal and technology industry which is used to farm aquatic organisms like fish and crab.
  • Previously, several different systems have been developed for fish farming, which can be divided into fish farming systems based on open and closed water circulation. In open systems, fish are grown in net ponds. In closed systems fish farming takes place in waterproofed pools on land.
  • The problem with open fish farming systems is the environmental impact they cause. The waste generated by the fish can get into the net pools and further to marine environment. The waste is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate.
  • The problem with closed systems, on the other hand, is their structural complexity and uncertainties connected with the operation of chemical cleaning processes.
  • A further and well-known problem with current fish farming systems is that fish become easily infected in them, which can result in very low production volumes.
The Solution

For Investors

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